Yii Documentation Style Guide

Guidelines to go by when writing or editing any Yii documentation.

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General Style

  • Try to use an active voice.
  • Use short, declarative sentences.
  • Demonstrate ideas using code as much as possible.
  • Never use "we". It's the Yii development team or the Yii core team. Better yet to put things in terms of the framework or the guide.
  • Use the Oxford comma (e.g., "this, that, and the other" not "this, that and the other").
  • Numeric lists should be complete sentences that end with periods (or other punctuation).
  • Bullet lists should be fragments that don't end with periods.


  • Use italics for emphasis, never capitalization, bold, or underlines.


Blocks use the Markdown > Type:. There are four block types:

  • Warning, for bad security things and other problems
  • Note, to emphasize key concepts, things to avoid
  • Info, general information (an aside); not as strong as a "Note"
  • Tip, pro tips, extras, can be useful but may not be needed by everyone all the time

The sentence after the colon should begin with a capital letter.


  • Yii 2.0 or Yii 2 (not Yii2 or Yii2.0)
  • Each "page" of the guide is referred to as a "section".


  • Web, not web
  • the guide or this guide, not the Guide