Yii Versioning

This document summarizes the versioning policy of Yii. In general, Yii follows the Semantic Versioning.

Patch Releases 2.x.Y

  • Maintained on a branch named 2.x
  • Mainly contain bug fixes and minor feature enhancements
  • No major features.
  • Must be 100% backward compatible to ensure worry-free upgrade. Only exception is security issues that may require breaking BC.
  • Release cycle is around 1 to 2 months.
  • No pre-releases (alpha, beta, RC) needed.
  • Should be merged back to master branch constantly (at least once every week manually).

Minor Releases 2.X.0

  • Developed on master branch
  • Mainly contain new features and bug fixes
  • Contain minor features and bug fixes merged from patch releases
  • May contain BC-breaking changes which are recorded in UPGRADE-2.X.md file
  • Release cycle is around 6 to 8 months
  • Require pre-releases: 2.X.0-alpha, 2.X.0-beta, 2.X.0-rc
  • Requires major news releases and marketing effort.

Major Releases X.0.0

None in plan.